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  • Web Application

    Web application page is available for the management of certificates
  • Digital Signature

    The feature facilitates digital signature registration in two distinct ways:
    Digitally sign documents after completing the approval process through API integration.
  • Hardware Security Module

    Contacting and obtaining the digital certificate of an organization is possible through high-standard storage devices, such as the Hardware Security Module (HSM).
  • E-Signature with API

    Ability to configure the position of the electronic signature via an API.
  • Connect and Approve

    Integration with electronic document creation and approval systems, like BNG SmartFLOW, to enhance document signing using Digital Signatures. Utilizes the organization's certification to boost document credibility.
  • PKI Technology

    Capability to connect with the organization's Digital Certificate through high-standard storage devices, such as HSM (Hardware Security Module).
  • Digital Certificate

    Create Digital Certificates and Private Keys for each individual user, supporting connection to identity verification systems according to IAL standards through E-KYC systems in accordance with the proposal, complying with ETDA Recommendation 23-2563 for trustworthy electronic signatures, Type 2.
  • Create and Import PDF File

    Support for importing electronic documents in PDF format into the system for display, management, data positioning, and forwarding to relevant parties for information or approval.
  • Sequencial Sign

    Support for configuring signing sequences in both sequential and non-sequential orders. Zenn system allows an unlimited number of approvers for both types of signature sequences.
  • Admin

    Ability to comprehensively manage users, including additions or reductions, digital certificate management, and system usage monitoring. Implemented to ensure system security and efficient administration.