E-Tax Invoice and E-Receipt

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Brainergy’s SmartTAX solution, an ETDA-certified service provider, streamlines tax invoice preparation in electronic formats (PDF/A-3 and XML). With advanced security, our Digital Signature, supported by organizational certificates, seamlessly integrates with ERP and corporate transaction systems, ensuring compliance and efficient submission to the Revenue Department.

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Invoice and E-Receipt
What's E-TAX ?

Brainergy’s E-TAX information creation and delivery system, certified as a submitter, adheres to the standards set by the Revenue Department. This system facilitates swift, accurate, and highly secure management of your organization’s tax matters. Experience a new era of streamlined electronic transaction documents, making tax-related processes easy and hassle-free. Our integrated electronic transaction system guarantees confidence and safety, featuring a robust management system and certified storage equipment to handle tax information seamlessly from preparation to delivery. The information can be dispatched to the Revenue Department and customers via XML or PDF/A-3 files (PDF files with embedded XML files) by individuals certified as Service Providers by ETDA. Brainergy proudly stands among the first 17 entities in Thailand to achieve certification as a Service Provider.

E-TAX benefits
  • Cut costs: Trim accounting and financial expenses, slash paper usage, and streamline document delivery.
  • Organized document storage: Navigate through systematic storage with regulations from document preparation to tax payment for business organizations.
  • Secure identity verification: Trust our reliable electronic identity verification system, meeting the high standards set by the Revenue Department.
E-TAX เหมาะกับองค์กรแบบไหน ?

แนะนำสำหรับ องค์กรขนาดกลาง และองค์กรขนาดใหญ่ ที่ต้องจัดทำ และนำส่งข้อมูลด้านภาษี
แก่กรมสรรพากร ตามกำหนดระยะเวลา มีความถูกต้องปลอดภัยสูง ช่วยลดระยะเวลาการจัดทำ



  • E-File

    Transform your transaction data effortlessly into electronic accounting documents—tax invoices, invoices, receipts—following Revenue Department standards.
  • Security System

    Experience a robust information security system complete with data encryption and a trustworthy Digital Certificate.
  • Transaction Connect

    Seamlessly integrate with corporate transaction systems like ERP, ensuring smooth data connectivity.
  • Search and Access

    Easily search and access documents with Full Text Search in Thai and English. Customize user access for employees.
  • Digital Signature

    Boosted security with an electronic identity verification system (Digital Signature) for authenticating document issuers and verifying processes.
  • Transaction Monitoring

    Keep track of sales tax with a reporting system and monitor transactions.
  • Cloud Storage

    Store documents securely in the cloud storage by international standards.

Brainergy Trusted Provider

Advance Service Provider

Brainergy, as an Advanced Service Provider specializing in the preparation and delivery of e-Tax Invoices and e-Receipts, has obtained certification for its information system in these domains. Accredited at both basic and advanced levels, this certification signifies the capability to prepare, deliver, and maintain electronic tax information. This assurance allows businesses to thrive with stability, safety, and optimal efficiency.

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