Digital Contract

Paperless, Convenient, Secure and Legally Approved

E-contracts often utilize electronic signatures, which are digital equivalents of handwritten signatures. These signatures can take various forms. Key features of e-contracts include:

  • Document Creation and Transmission: Contract documents are electronically generated and transmitted, usually in PDF format, accessible on personal devices.
  • Electronic Agreement and Discussions: Parties reach agreements through electronic discussions via email or chat applications, covering various transactions and finalized in diverse digital formats.
  • Order System Confirmation: Contracts stem from order systems or applications, with the contracting party confirming intent through actions like pressing “accept conditions” or “confirm order and payment.

Process of E-Contract

Digital Contracts Between Organizations and Contracting Parties.


Rapidly generate electronic contract documents in compliance with legal standards.


Authorize contracts using a digital signature certified by a Certificate Authority (CA) service provider.


Customize notifications and monitor progress through interactive tracking features.


Securely store documents on Cloud Storage with an integrated system for analysis and statistics collection post e-contract execution.

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E-Contract can fit your business?

Brainergy’s e-Contract system seamlessly transitions your organization into the digital era, eliminating paper entirely. With 100% legal validity, our integrated platform facilitates online contract execution, ensuring convenience, speed, and security, translating into significant cost savings—over 1,000 baht per contract compared to traditional methods. Experience a 75% reduction in processing time and a 37% boost in efficiency.
Our system covers the entire process, from electronic document preparation to secure cloud storage after digital signature-based contract signing. Brainergy employs various digital evidences, including proof of identity, digital signatures, timestamps, and audio or video recordings, all legally supported.
As a registered Certificate Authority (CA) adhering to standards, Brainergy streamlines administrative tasks, enhancing overall work efficiency for both organizations and individuals. Experience a more efficient and expedited workflow with our comprehensive e-Contract solution.

E-Contract benefits
  • Time Savings: Improve efficiency by streamlining operations and cutting over 30 hours from the contract process. Access document status and past contracts online at your convenience, enabling quick and easy creation of various document summary reports.
  • Cost Efficiency: Trim expenses by reducing paper, printing, storage, and document delivery costs. Send contracts effortlessly through multiple online platforms, potentially saving organizations up to 9% in operational and contract management expenses.
  • Enhanced Security: Bolster data security by closely monitoring progress and contract history, eliminating concerns about forgery or lost documents. Decrease the risk of errors during contract processes by up to 96%.
  • Workload Management: Ease repetitive tasks, potentially reducing errors by 60%. The system automates data connections, storing them electronically on Cloud Storage, and enables automatic contract document submission. Additionally, it supports both digital and handwritten signatures or online names in contracts.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure full compliance with electronic contract standards and legal requirements, including Sections 9, 26, and 28 of the Electronic Transactions Act. Adhere to digital proof and identity verification standards (IAL and AAL) set by ETDA.



  • Advance Searching

    Facilitating quick retrieval of specific contracts or information.
  • Approval Levels

    Establishes a user-defined hierarchy for systematic approval processes based on the organization's structure.
  • Digital Footprint

    Records a comprehensive history of document actions, ensuring transparency and accountability from creation to approval.
  • Notification

    Email notification system.
  • Verification

    Document anti-counterfeiting system that verifies approved documents using QR codes to confirm their authenticity.

Brainergy Trusted Provider

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification for Information Security Management, awarded by TUV SUD (Thailand), elevates the information security standards to conform to international benchmarks, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

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